Hayden Cassidy started her career in barbering a year after she returned home form a soccer scholarship at a University in America. Hayden suffered from a severe injury which led to her making the difficult decision and to stop playing altogether.

“When I returned home, I was lost – I tried a handful of different things and couldn’t find the passion I had for soccer in anything I did. Later, my friend introduced me to the barbering world. I became fascinated with it all, and decided I’d try myself. I started cutting friends and family hair at home and after a month or two picked up the courage to walk into a barber shop and ask for a job.â€� Hayden adds.

She started her first position as a junior barber in cut and sew Dublin, which at the time was one of the first barbershops really pushing the industry, according to Hayden. She is extremely thankful for the opportunities that she has been awarded.

“I was lucky enough to work alongside some incredibly talented barbers who encouraged me to work hard and develop my skill set. Soon after I got the opportunity to cut on stage after attending a workshop with Alan Beak. He asked me to cut on stage at a show, and after only 8 months experience, I was extremely hesitant, but I thought if I didn’t push myself out of my comfort zone and grab this opportunity, I would be kicking myself later on.� Says Hayden.

“I went on stage and it was terrifying.�

“After it I was relieved but also felt the first bit of excitement and adrenaline which reminded me of the time when I played football. I decided from that moment to really push myself into everything I could, and I began to try and attend any training sessions I could.

“I’m lucky enough in that everything I learned I learned visually and once I watch something, I can replicate it quite easily. It all felt very natural for me and I really dedicate everything to reaching goals I had set out for myself.� She adds.

Hayden decided that working in the same city, although she was doing well and was always fully booked, just wasn’t the giving her the experience she needed to push herself and motivate her. She was later offered a job in Berlin and took the opportunity immediately.

“It opened me up to a whole new side of barbering. I started working in the Nomad barber and really started to focus on customer service, shaves and good haircuts which made it a lot more of a profession for me. After a year working there, I decided I wanted to learn more and so I got a job in an Afro barber shop which really helped me expand my skill set.� She adds.

Hayden began to branch out her career, she started to work on different stages and shows around Europe and was spotted at a show in LA by the Andis education manager.

The opportunities I’ve received have been amazing and once I can keep learning and pushing myself in anything I do, I’m happy.

Hayden explains: “She asked me if I was interested in becoming part of the team and of course I said yes! Two years later I am now based in London and have become one of Andis’s global educators. I work in two different shops in London to keep up the feeling of working in different environments to allow me to keep pushing my skill set and I have focused a lot more on editorials and linking in with the fashion side of things.

“I recently worked with Johnathan Andrew for fashion week, Kevin Luchmun assisting some shoots and I’m lucky in that my girlfriend is a fashion stylist, so I get to work alongside some projects with her also.�

Hayden is now an Andis global educator which means she not only educates in the UK, but worldwide too. She adds: “This year I’ve already been to some amazing countries across the world and I’m also going to Brazil for barber day conference as the first female barber. I also recently visited Indonesia as the first female international to attend an event there.�

Hayden is a female barber who is now fulfilling her dreams and is well known in this popular industry. If you want to follow her journey, follow Hayden @hayden_cassidy

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