Epic Shave Featuring: the Feather Adjustable Razor, the Arko Shave Stick, and Floid After Shave

Check out the video to see how the Feather Adjustable Razor, the Arko Shave Stick, and Floid After Shave perform!

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Similar to Feather's 'Popular' Double Edge Razor, this one is adjustable to deliver a superb, clean & personalized shave.

Simply twist the knob and the razor head opens up so you can insert a new blade. This TTO (turn to open) or "butterfly" style razor is also adjustable, meaning you can make it more or less aggressive. Comes with a comfortable ergonomic handle with extra grip & precision metal head. Excellent starter razor. Compatible with all double-edge razor blades.

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A true shaving classic.: Arko Shave Stick Its creamy formula provides an easy and comfortable shave. Crisp, clean, fresh scent plus superb lathering performance make this soap a staple in every man's shave den.

Don't let the low price fool you: this is a world-class, high-quality shaving stick. Apply the stick directly to your wet face, then work with a shave brush to easily produce amazing lather. Used by Turkish barbers for generations, don't miss out on this high performing soap! It even fits into vintage Gillette soap canisters for easy travel possibilities! 

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Since 1932 Floid produces its genuine aftershave splash. Its exclusive menthol formula calms any irritation caused by shaving, providing a pleasant feeling of freshness.

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