Blessings (w/lyrics) Fresh Da Barber




If I got a problem He gonna pick up
I got to the source He legit huh
Throw my hands up like its a stick up
Fast and praise and prayer I open my lips Up
I get all these Blessings thats my birth right
Anything I need I got it, Psalms 29
Shish, Sheesh, Anything I got it
Shish, Sheesh, Anything I got it

Verse 1:

I can get it if I ask for it, fly to it got a passport
Pay cash for it, in the spirit realm I got a task force that’ll blast for me
I get the Blessings in bulk, I got the Good Lord on speed dial
And I stay lit at the function and I tell all the haters to keep out
We on LOVE, only LOVE thats our drug of choice
I got roes out in Germany sprechen sie doich
Speaking in tongues leave them demons afraid of the voice
Lifted in the gifted of the spirit you can her the joint
If I need something I pull out my weapon
I get intimate with O.G. whooping like a reverend
Direct calls to Heaven, even in my spare time
Cause I have never met a man thats stronger than his prayer line
I don’t have a Church home, I come to the building a guest
And I turn up in the temple cause I gotta give JESUS my best
You want it, got it, worship, press
One word to describe my life right now, CRAZY, DUMB, BLESSED



Bow your heads let us pray, Dear LORD let us have fun getting turned up
in the Tabernacle, throwing Praises at You to Your satisfaction
I aint never ever, never never ever let a Hallelujah come to stop
I come in charge the atmosphere with the HolyGhost then I Bop BOP BOP
I be charged like a Super Saiyan, Super Fresh cause I’m Super Saved
I’ma Throw my hands up, dance dance revolution til I’m in my grave
When I wake I’ma raise up to the Pearly Gates Like, ummmmm
This is the Kingdom, right, I get to meet the King I’ma go Dum Dum Dum
I just be storing my treasures, I leave em all in the Heavens
And I stand at GOD’s right hand, thats where He keeps all of his pleasures
I try to stay in His presents, that’s where I get all my PEACE
Keep me even-tempered from a temper-tantrum all day when I’m in the streets
Thousand tongues wouldn’t be enough, But I’ma try
All this breath in my lungs, go to the MOST HIGH
He look out for the kid, I don’t understand why
Got the password to the wifi up in Heaven so I’m alright



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