The results are in! KEVIN.MURPHY raise a whopping total for CoppaFeel.

About Kevin Murphy

Born from the same philosophy as skincare, KEVIN.MURPHY’s new age technology.Products are weightlessly designed to deliver performance, strength and style longevity. Certified by PETA as ‘Cruelty Free’ KEVIN.MURPHY stands proudly against animal testing.

You might remember that back in the sunnier days of May 2019 the KEVIN.MURPHY team embarked on the journey of a lifetime, pedalling from London to Paris to raise money for breast cancer awareness charity, CoppaFeel!

Well, that bike ride raised £55K and that brings the grand total raised for CoppaFeel! this year to an incredible £67.5K.

“It’s a phenomenal amount and has made a huge difference to CoppaFeel’s work, I can’t thank the team at KEVIN.MURPHY enough for their continued support. It has been wonderful to see so many salon and head office staff getting behind CoppaFeel! The true brilliance of this support is that the team have been keen to raise awareness as well as vital funds. With their vast network of customers, KEVIN.MURPHY really have helped us spread our life saving message to more people across the UK than we possibly could have imagined!â€�- Ellie Baldwin, Community and Corporate Fundraising Executive, CoppaFeel!

“At KEVIN.MURPHY, we wholeheartedly believe in everything that CoppaFeel! do. They very cleverly make a serious topic less of a taboo through their fun and light-hearted messaging and it’s an honour to support such an important cause. We also just want to say a huge thanks to the team and all our customers for getting involved this year and helping us achieve such a fantastic total�- Mark Shorrock, Chief of Sales, Sweet Squared.

KEVIN.MURPHY will continue their work with CoppaFeel! throughout 2020, encouraging more young people to feel their breasts regularly, raising awareness to increase survival rates.

So, go on, Cop a feel!

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