Opportunities for all

British Master Barber Sam Arthur assisted in opening barbershops within both Maghaberry Prison and Hydebank College. The aim was to help educate prisoners whilst offering a career opportunity in our industry. Sam came up with the ‘Investors in Education’ award with the plan to support the prison education teams and to mentor the students.

Sam Arthur and Tony Copeland (Co-founder of the British Master Barbers) held the first competition at Hydebank Wood College, allowing tutors to showcase their talent whilst being tested on their teaching ability and skills.

The competition was in no way to promote the prisoners or students, but to congratulate the hard work that goes into rehabilitation and education provided by the prison service and the educational staff.Tutor Claire from Belfast Met did an excellent job in educating and inspiring her students with the great support of the Governors, educational team and staff.

Claire gained a huge round of applause on being presented with the ‘Investors in Education’ award by Tony.This has created a whirlwind of excitement throughout the prison community in the U.K with many more wishing to become part of what started as just an idea.

For more information check out the website: www.britishmasterbarbers.com

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